Dedicated to the memory of Milford Graves (August 20, 1941 - February 12, 2021)


Bill and I had the great pleasure of recording this special duet/trio project with Milford Graves and dedicate this music to him.

Milford was one of the greatest master drummers of our times, who reshaped the way rhythms are played on the drum-set.

We will miss him and so will the world.

New Haven, March 23, 2021
Wadada Leo Smith


The Sonic-Herb Healer (For Milford)

He selects his herbs with full awareness of the
Heart and with the insight of vision.

It is a conscious heart that´s over-flowing with Divine Love.

Know that those having been touched with
Love´s Energy
Have revceived the hand of the healer.

His authority is measured in the multi-sonic rhythmical forces
That he uses to unlock the elevated energy fields of the healing light

Those light waves will restore the harmony of the afflicted hearts.

This practice of Divine Love is in the service of humanity,
And through the will of the Almighty.

New Haven, May 7, 2020
Wadada Leo Smith


The Journey (For Bill)

He mounted the sacred river with patience and love,
And moving up the mountain against the flowing river,
A passionately silent lover.

His detachment and service is the key that will open the pathway.

Traveling is not how long or how far,
The distance is measured across the heart to find enlightenment;
An elegance that changes the human reality to a form of purity.

If your journey is realized,
It´s your practice of cleaning the heart with each breath that will confirm
Your arrival home,
The dream-fields of Noble Truths.

Be still in the light of the Original Self.


New Haven, May 7, 2020
Wadada Leo Smith

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