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Why I Smile Again 4:22 / Oh, Don 2:35 / I'm Right 4:33Where You're Walking Now 4:39 / True Life 5:04 / I Know My Boulevard 3:25 / Lucky Johnny's Gone 5:41 // Total playing time 30:19

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01 and 02 - composition and lyrics by Dave Lindholm, arrangement by Otto Donner
03, 05, 06 and 07 - composition by Dave Lindholm & Otto Donner, arrangement by Otto Donner, lyrics by Dave Lindholm
04 - composition and arrangement by Otto Donner, lyrics by Dave Lindholm

Dave Lindholm  vocals and guitar
Otto Donner

Manuel Dunkel  tenor and soprano saxophones
Pepa Päivinen  baritone saxophone and flute
Tero Saarti  trumpet and fluegelhorn
Markku Veijonsuo  trombone
Riitta Paakki  piano
Ulf Krokfors  double bass
Mika Kallio  drums

04 and 07 only
Tom Bildo  alto horn
Miska Miettinen  alto horn
Petri Keskitalo  tuba
Mikko Helevä  hammond B3 organ

Dave Lindholm & Otto Donner
TUM-A CD 001

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