Jone Takamäki (b. 1955), tenor saxophone, bass clarinet and didgeridoo. A long-time partner of Antti Hytti going back to the Jone Takamäki Trio and Roommushklahn (with guitarist Raoul Björkenheim, Jarmo Savolainen and Tom Nekljudow) of the early 1980s and many ensembles since; most recently, co-founder of Suhkan Uhka and the quartet Otná Eahket. Jone Takamäki studied with Edward Vesala in the 1980s and played in his Sound and Fury ensemble. Also, worked for an extended period in the 1980s and early 1990s with Raoul Björkenheim in Krakatau and other ensembles.

Juhani Aaltonen (b. 1935), tenor saxophone and flutes. A living legend; the old master of improvised music. Soloist of choice for composers Edward Vesala, Henrik Otto Donner, Heikki Sarmanto and many others. Also, the saxophonist and flutist in bassist Arild Andersen´s quartet in the late 1970s and one of the founding members of the Finnish New Music Orchestra, UMO. Currently, Juhani Aaltonen leads his own trio with Ulf Krokfors and Tom Nekljudow.

Tane Kannisto (b. 1962), tenor and soprano saxophones, alto clarinet, flutes and percussion. Tane Kannisto was the real powerhouse behind Edward Vesala´s Sound and Fury ensemble during the years 1987-1997.

Verneri Pohjola (b. 1977), trumpet and fluegel horn. A fresh, young talent. Verneri Pohjola is active with a number of groups and styles, including the Ilmiliekki Quartet that has already received international acclaim.

Patrik Latvala (b. 1965), trombone and tuba. The third bass in the band; a multi-instrumentalist and also active as a teacher.

Seppo Kantonen (b. 1963), piano and Fender Rhodes. First-call pianist in Finland. As a leader, he has recorded with the Klang Trio (with Ulf Krokfors on bass) and in a duo setting with Jarmo Savolainen. Currently, leader of the Tokka Quartet that also features Verneri Pohjola.

Jarmo Savolainen (b. 1961), keyboards. Pianist and composer with several internationally acclaimed recordings under his own name. Currently, Jarmo Savolainen leads his own trio with Ulf Krokfors on bass and a quartet with Eric Vloeimans added on trumpet.

Pekka Nylund (b. 1957), guitar. A virtuoso of the electric and acoustic guitars as well as various other string instruments. Pekka Nylund played with the Piirpauke ensemble in the 1980s and with many other groups since. Active as a theater musician and teacher.

Antti Hytti (b. 1952), arco bass and conductor. Versatile musician with his background in improvised and ethnic music. Antti Hytti was the co-founder and bassist of the original Piirpauke ensemble in the mid 1970s. Long-term cooperation with Edward Vesala, trumpeter Tomasz Stanko, Jone Takamäki and saxophonist/flutist/pianist Sakari Kukko.

Ulf Krokfors (b. 1966), lead bass. One of the top bass players in the Nordic countries and an increasingly noteworthy composer. Currently, Ulf Krokfors cooperates with pianist/harpist Iro Haarla in addition to playing in countless groups. A member of the Juhani Aaltonen Trio.

Tom Nekljudow (b. 1960), drums and percussion. One of the most in-demand drummers and percussionists in Finland. Tom Nekljudow is a master of several styles and genres. A member of the Juhani Aaltonen Trio and Otná Eahket.

Stefan Paavola (b. 1961), voice. A versatile vocalist. Stefan Paavola performs with various ensembles and his own projects.

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