Heart of a Bird 4:38 / Springlike Grove 2:28 / Spring Flower 4:24 / Farewell to Valomäki 3:52 / Big, Big Problems 5:40 / Lullaby for the Unborn 3:49 / Gates of Hades 2:38 / Forest Song 3:29 / Longing 3:26 / Elephantine Memories 3:21 / Solveig´s Song 4:20 / Light in the Sadness 5:50 // Total playing time 47:55

Music sample

01 Heart Of a Bird 4:38

Iro Haarla piano and harp
Ulf Krokfors bass
Rasmus Korsström
soprano saxophone (Longing) and tenor saxophone (Spring Flower, Lullaby for the Unborn and Light in the Sadness)

Heart of a Bird is an intimate collaboration between two kindred spirits, pianist/harpist Iro Haarla and bassist Ulf Krokfors. The music represents free improvisation within a compositional framework.

The duo shares with the listener a beautiful, intense musical conversation, which reflects their own private feelings. On four tracks, the duo is joined by saxophonist Rasmus Korsström, adding another voice to the duo´s intimate sound.

Heart of a Bird was composed in equal shares by Haarla and Krokfors. In addition to their own compositions, the duo performs its own unique take on Antti Hytti´s "Solveig´s song", a composition also recorded by the ensemble Suhkan Uhka on Suhka (TUM CD 001).

Iro Haarla & Ulf Krokfors
TUM CD 004

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