Many of the compositions on this recording have a very private reference point. This is how Haarla and Krokfors themselves describe the music:

Heart of a Bird (Ulf Krokfors) is a tribute to these creatures that have always fascinated the human mind and to those people who continue to see beauty in the world and have the strength to carry forward despite obstacles.

Springlike Grove (Ulf Krokfors), which was previously recorded by Krokfors with pianist Antti Savolainen, reflects an association with a grove filled with the singing of birds and many other sounds and smells anticipating the arrival of summer.

Spring Flowers (Ulf Krokfors) celebrates the wonder of life appearing where no life would seem possible.

Farewell to Valomäki (Iro Haarla) is in memory of a beloved home that had to be left behind and forgotten because of destiny. A part of one´s heart always remains in the place one is forced to leave behind.

Big, Big Problems (Ulf Krokfors). After lamenting, one is granted relief. Help is often available upon the asking.

Lullaby for the Unborn (Iro Haarla) is a fond farewell to a child that turned its sails before reaching the harbor of life on earth.

Gates of Hades (Iro Haarla) reflects upon the heavy journey through the gates of Hades that we each need to undertake eventually.

Forest Song (Ulf Krokfors) is a song for tramps. When you have the ability to cherish the good moments, life can be enjoyable.

Longing (Iro Haarla) expresses a daughter´s longing for a long-lost father who died much too young.

Elephantine Memories (Iro Haarla) is dedicated to the many memories life leaves one with, reflecting both sadness for the passage of time and gratefulness for the experiences gathered.

Solveig´s Song (Antti Hytti) reflects the tragedy of a life described in the play for which Antti Hytti originally composed this music.

Light in the Sadness (Iro Haarla) celebrates the light emerging as the sorrows of life are left behind.

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