Recorded on
September 2 and 3, 2004 by Robert Musso, with assistant engineer Gus Aberg, at LoHo Studios in New York City
Mixed and mastered by
Henrik Otto Donner and Esa Santonen at DER in Tammisaari, Finland
Produced by
Petri Haussila
Design by
Juha Lökström / ozo and Santtu Parikka
Photographs by
Dominik Huber
Art work photographed by
Liner notes by
Howard Mandel

John Tchicai wishes to thank Reggie Workman and Andrew Cyrille for their artistry and cooperation, Petri Haussila for the invitation, Margaret Davis and Kate & John Ehlis for their hospitality during his stay in September 2004, the Danish Composer´s Union for travel support and Robert Musso, Gus Aberg, Henrik Otto Donner and Esa Santonen for the great sound.

Andrew Cyrille uses Ludwig drums and Zildjian cymbals

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